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Welcome to iTeh

iTeh DI Edmund Siegfried Haselwanter is a company focused on development of Internet and Intranet applications with Ruby on Rails, content management solutions for small teams and companies with the popular Radiant Content Management System, and IT infrastructure as well as development automation with Chef and Puppet.

What we offer

We offer consulting and project development at a reasonable price in the following three areas

IT Infrastructure Automation, Cloud Computing

Deployment and Infrastructure

Deployment und IT Infrastruktur Automatisierung

Automate IT Infrastructure to reduce IT cost? Virtual infrastructure to for software development? Amazon deployment or virtual environments?


Manage your websites with a CMS

Radiant CMS


You want to manage your website with an easy to use Content Management System? We suggest “Radiant CMS”: ! Or you choose Wordpress or Typo3.


Application Development

Internet and Intranet Applications

Anwendungs Entwicklung

We use Rails for rapid Web Application development

"Ruby on Rails is a breakthrough in lowering the barriers of entry to programming. Powerful web applications that formerly might have taken weeks or months to develop can be produced in a matter of days"

- Tim O'Reilly, from O'Reilly


What Clients say about us

Edi was hired to set up and maintain our server infrastructure. He not only completed requests satisfying and in time, but also provided suggestions and new ideas often going beyond what was orginally ordered and discussed. I certainly can recommend Edi for business as a highly skilled system infracture level consultant. (Martin Lechner -- CTO and Project Manager at Mobilizy GmbH.)

Edi has great knowledge in the IS/IT industry, especially with automated hosting, server services and customer support. And in addition he is very helpful, patient and supportive when it comes to critical and customer related issues. I would always again like to hire Edi for this kind of support(Harry Timons --Program Manager "World Summit Awards" at International Center for New Media)

I know Edmund from his contributions to many Radiant extensions, and from a few e-mail conversations about them. He seems like a very nice guy, and has helped me out on several occasions without expecting something in return. I therefore recommend Edmund to anybody who is considering hiring him for a job.(Benny Degezelle -- Owner & webdeveloper, Gorilla webdesign)

Edmund is a personable knowledgeable IT expert who delivers on time great results.(Christoph Doppelmeier -- Infrastructure, Operations, Testing Manager bei Sony NetServices)